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Metal Beads

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Metal beads are among the best jewelry making items that are bought owing to different reasons: because they are strong, flexible, heavier than all the plastic or bone beads. They can be plated and they are available in a wide range. Some of the different types of Metal Beads available are-

  • Silver plated-These metal beads are coated in a special way and have a very thin layer of pure silver over it. Though they look like silver beads but they are very economical but will still add class to all the homemade jewellery.
  • Gold plated-These are also coated like silver beads and jewellery made out of this is very classy and is ideal for evening wear.
  • Matt: Metal Beads are also available in matt finish and is an ideal alternative for those who are hunting beads that are that has weight

Polished: These metal beads are polished which gives these beads a stunning finish and dazzling shine.
We at RG International are marketing and supplying beads in India as well as International market. We use superior raw material and give a beautiful finish to the metal beads that lasts longer and looks very stylish. If you are willing to use metal beads in your work, you can visit our website online and get it delivered at your doorstep. You will come across different types of beads on our website which are available at very cost effective rates. RG International is known for on time delivery and best quality metal beads

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