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Artificial Sinew is an outstanding substitute for real sinew and is extremely strong, genuine in color and tears just like actual sinew! Ideal for moccasin, wrapping feathers, sole sewing, Necklaces and stringing chokers and is also used in a huge number of other projects which require strength, durability and have to hold the beads together. This is the most handy material which we come across for Native American craftwork.

Artificial Sinew is outstanding for craft projects which need sturdy, flat, thread or a cord like weaving of a basket, leatherwork, dream catchers, gourd crafting, wrapping pine needle rims, etc. It is sometimes known as imitation sinews and comes from artificial fibres like nylon or polyproplene. It is available in diverse colors and can be of any length. We at RG International supply best quality Artificial Sinew that can effortlessly be split into thin strips as required by the user. The sinew is like a ribbon absolutely flat and not round.

The artificial sinew is light in weight and are designed for utilization on finer and projects that are delicate in nature. It certainly saves time as you do not have to split the more heavy artificial sinew.

RG International is currently the biggest exporter and manufacturer of artificial sinew. We also have created a niche in India and have numerous satisfied customers. We have a reputation of delivering the materials on time and take bulk orders. We cater to all the orders whether they are big or small. We strongly believe in providing artificial Sinew and do not compromise with quality at all. With an incredible infrastructure and qualified and skilled staff we assure you of highest quality artificial sinew and at cost effective prices.

Once you deal with us you will surely come to know about the quality we are offering.

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