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Glass Beads

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Beads are made out of different materials like plastic, gemstones, metals, bones glass and more. Glass beads are also very popular and normal glass beads are the most adaptable and extensively used. They have been seen around since very ancient times. The majority of the countries all across the world use normal glass beads in making jewelry of different styles.

Normal glass beads are accessible in a variety of forms, shapes, colors and sizes and have small or large holes. These beads are purchased in diverse shapes and have stunning finishes.

The look of these beads is somewhat exceptional, charming and patterned and is used in making elegant or classy style ornaments. We at R G International are designing wonderful pieces of jewellery and other accessories out of colorful glass beads and you will be amazed by our wide-ranging collection of pendants and at a very reasonable rate. We create numerous things out of glass beads and make sure that the quality is maintained all through. The colorful glass beads highlight the jewellery when it is used with other natural raw materials like different colored gem stones or wooden beads.
At R G International, without compromising with the quality we create an amazing collection to suit the needs of different clients. We are catering to the needs of our national and international clients and do not give them a reason to complain by offering them on time delivery. Along with the glass beads we use diverse raw materials and make the piece look elegant and smart. We also modify the ornaments as per needs of our clients and come out with beautiful fashion accessories that are durable and have great designs.

We are known for on time delivery and once you deal with us you will not buy glass beads from anyone else.

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