12 Sep

Hemp Cord

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Hemp cord is frequently used in craft work and in gardening. Hemp Cord is being used for million of years and is identified for its strength and toughness. It is not like cotton, which has short fibres, but hemp cord has extended fibers, which makes it very sturdy. Ideal for craft, macrame and ornaments projects when a smooth and a very even look is needed. RG International has been working hard for a continued future by presenting a complete product line of normal eco-friendly items from Hemp fiber that are grown and fashioned sensibly and manufactured in close vicinity in adherence to honest trade practices and ethics.

Today we are amongst the major supplier of hemp cord products across the nation and are offering it all around the globe. We are supplying hemp fabric, hemp cord, hemp rope, hemp webbing and much more. Our chief motto is to help the surroundings by bringing hemp cord back into the main use and offer the excellent quality hemp products and that too at the lowest feasible prices. We make it very easy to work with hemp and cater to all the minimum orders and keeping all the different products in stock so that you do not have wait for immediate delivery. We are in direct touch with the farmers, factories and manufacturers and guarantee that we offer natural hemp products with little or no brunt on the planet.

You can also buy hemp cord in bulk from us and save on product and shipping. We provide you with a color chart and its list so that you have many colors to choose from. We also guide our customers with the information as how to use hemp cord effectively in their projects. We are known for on time delivery and once you deal with us you will be our permanent customers.

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