31 Aug

Bone Beads

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Since old times, jewelery has always allured women from all across the world and different

walks of life. life. From diamond jewellery to the bones that are often worn by the tribal

womenfolk, jewelery has been a vital part and touched the roots of a woman's heart. Bead

makers are at present making a handsome living and creating beautiful pieces of art, either in the

bone beads or designing exotice jewellery fashioned from variety of beads.

We at R G International are creating wonderful pieces out of colorful bone beads and you will

be astonished by our extensive selection of bone and pendants and that too at a very cost

effective rate. Natural bone look fabulous on hemp necklaces, specially our fashionable fishhook

pendants. The colorful bone beads accentuates the jewellery when it is paired with other natural

raw materials like gem stones or wood beads.

At R G International, we do not compromise with the quality and are currently catering to the

needs of our clients both in India and globally. Along with the bone beads we use wide range of

diverse raw materials to give it an elegant look. We also customize as per the specification of our

client and few of the extraordinary characteristics of our bone beads fashion accessories are:

  • Durability
  • Flawless polish and incredible shine
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Customization of different shapes as per the specification of the client.
  • Superb Infrastructure and skilled craftsman
  • Known for on time delivery

Once you start buying from us you will buy from nowhere else.

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