25 Aug

Horn Button

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Rustic finish, natural design and earth tones are the type of Horn Buttons, RG International has in store for our elite customers. Our Bone Button are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your product or garment and requires very minimal application. The Horn Button with its natural demeanor offers an exceptional finish to any dress. We provide simply the best quality horn buttons to satisfy our elite class of customers. We also provide complete information about all the horn buttons on our website.

For the eminent gentleman, there is no substitute for superb buttons and no alternate for the amazing level of services and consistency offered by RG International.

We are focused on bringing the very best horn buttons in the world directly to the clients who appreciate the attractiveness, brilliance and fashion that only RG International can bring to a shirt. We are offering the horn buttons that are rich in appearance and shine and under no circumstances do we compromise with the quality of our product and you will not experience any chipping of the button.

The special features of these buttons are-

  • They are durable
  • Available in different colors, sizes and shapes.
  • The thickest part of the horns are used to make these buttons
  • Quality of goods, the premium material used makes it extraordinary

We cater to the needs of both national and overseas customers and the shipping prices are very reasonable as well even if we have to deliver at the remotest of destination.

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